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NCVPS Registration

CHCCS Enrollment Procedures
  1. First, refer to the NCVPS course catalog to see if your desired course if offered.

  2. Next, contact your school counselor to make a NCVPS course request and ensure the following:

    1. The course is not already taught within your school

    2. Your schedule will permit you to take a NCVPS course

    3. You have met all required course prerequisites

    4. The course is in compliance with the graduation plan

    5. You are prepared to take an online class within a virtual learning environment).

  3. Once reviewed and approved and approved by the school principal or principal designee, the counselor will collaborate with the school’s Online Learning Facilitator who will pre-register the student within NCVPS.  Please note that NCVPS registration opens during the month of March for the following academic year.

  4. High school students may enroll in up to 2 NCVPS courses per academic year (a student may have no more than 8 total courses per academic year including NCVPS courses) or 1 per summer term (not intended for acceleration toward graduation). Examples:

    1. A student with a course load of 7 face-to-face classes is eligible to enroll in 1 NCVPS course for that academic year.

    2. A student with a course load of 6 face-to-face classes is eligible to enroll in 2 NCVPS courses for that academic year.

  5. Middle School students may only enroll in Math or World Languages courses that follow the next course in your course sequence.